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Let me know your opinion.

Recently, I distributing a survey on the social media platforms I use. Before I get into the gist of it, I would like to share with you what inspired me to do this.

A few years ago, I came across a website, named ‘Ask Leo!’, by Mr Leo Notenboom. The website is:

He frequently writes articles about how to use technology productively and solve the problems that it might throw at you. I found many articles on his website very interesting, and you can read all his articles here:

His articles have helped me to understand many concepts and resolve some problems I encountered, both then and now. You should have a look at it too. Who knows, you might just find a solution or two applicable to you.

Less than half a year ago, he conducted a survey to find out what kind of challenges people may face when using technology. The question was simple but prompted an overwhelming number of responses in different areas. Some of these were: Change, Security and Stability, just to name a few.

Having been inspired by this, I decided to conduct a similar survey to help me understand the kind of problems people face when using technology productively, for school and work. Whether it be hardware or software, technical problems or the lack of understanding on how to use a feature or tool. I wanted to have an overview of the situation so that I would know where to focus on, at least for now.

Oh, and in case you have not done of or heard of this survey yet, here is the link to it:

Once again, thank you very much for your help and participation.

(Note: Please do not enter any personal information in the survey. The responses are meant to be anonymous. I will not be able to respond to you individually. Thank you for your understanding.)



Welcome to my blog, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Benedict Lee, a student currently studying computer engineering at Singapore Polytechnic. I have chosen to specialize in the areas of computer networking and security, as I believe that these two aspects will be the cornerstones for the future of technology’s benefit to humanity. Aside from computers, I also have the interest of experimenting with electricity and electronics.

To start off my blog, I would like to share with you more about my background and journey so far.

My interest in the field of computers and technology was born when my father taught me how to work with and repair electrical wiring and extension cords.

At the age of four, I learnt how to assemble an electrical extension line.
At the age of seven, I learnt how to assemble a computer, by simply disassembling my parents’ computer and putting it back together. (That sacred my parents.)
At the age of twelve, I learnt how to use more of the tools of the trait, like the multi meter and soldering.

I constantly learn about electrical, electronics and computers by taking things apart to observe how they worked, even the lock on my front door. In doing this, I learnt how circuits are assembled, how mechanisms work and how improvisations and innovative solutions were used in their implementation.

Many of the components and parts I obtained from the machines I disassembled are unique and cannot be found easily as standalone parts in Singapore, and they would cost quite a bit if you purchased them online. I later used some of these parts for building my own projects.

I started building my own computers in primary school, but instead of buying new parts, I sourced for computers and parts that people discarded in trash bins or dumping areas. My first few desktop computers were built from a range of discarded parts. However, getting it to work was no easy task. Trying to put a bunch of old parts together and have it work was daunting and took many long and messy hours of troubleshooting.

I am a hands-on person, and often conduct my own experiments with what I have learnt and what I find online, to determine their suitability for different scenarios. I like to go further than simply learning what is in the school syllabus. In SP, my eyes were opened to the possibilities that computing and technology had to offer, at a time when I was curious and searching for the explanations to many concepts.

Through these last several years of playing with electronics and computers, I have come to understand how they function together. I currently manage multiple computers, routers and a server at home. Implementing what I have learnt in my course of study in SP, I have managed to create a home networking system similar to that of a small office.

I am thankful that through these years, I have had many opportunities to help other people troubleshoot their computer problems. Each opportunity has allowed me to explore a new problem, and learn how to resolve it.

Through this blog, I hope to be able to give you some help and suggestions on how to use technology productively, and resolve common issues you may face using your PC or smartphone. However, one aspect which I cannot help with is online gaming on any platform. It was one of my parents’ rules that I was not allowed to play any form of online game from my young days. (I am very grateful that they enforced this rule on me.)

Please understand that despite having learnt these basic skills, I still have relatively little experience in this field, and that my answers or suggestions may not be suitable for everyone. Use your discretion, or search online, but exercise caution at the same time. That was how I obtained a significant amount of my knowledge, alongside my lessons in school.

Your feedback on any topics or issues discussed in this blog would be greatly appreciated. I sincerely apologize in the event that I do not respond to you quickly, as I have my own commitments and family responsibilities.

Last but not least, I can be contacted through:

My Primary email:,  or
My Facebook email:

Do feel free to reach out to me if you feel you need to, and thank you for taking the time to read this long post.