Monthly Archives: May 2016

Time for a Little Change

Hi everyone, Benedict here.

I do apologize for not having updated my blog in quite a while due to my tight schedule. Allow me to briefly reintroduce myself. I am currently a year 3 student studying computer engineering at SP. I have chosen to specialize in computer networking and cyber security. At the same time, I have continued pursuing my interests in areas like computer systems, electricity and electronics.

With this post, I have decided to bring about a small change to my blog. I know I mentioned previously that my posts would be about productively using technology and troubleshooting technical issues, and don’t worry, it will continue to be so. However, I am taking this opportunity to add some of my own projects and creations relating to both computers, as well as electrical and electronics. I will be posting about them in my subsequent posts.

Thanks once again for viewing, and I hope my posts will be of some help or inspiration to you.