A Simple Electrical Noise Filter

Photo (963)

This device in the picture that I built is an electrical noise filter, whose purpose is simply to filter out electrical noise. Electrical noise refers to the voltage spikes or sags that may make the electrical supply unstable.

I was inspired to make this after facilitating the SP EEE club freshmen orientation camp at St John’s Island. The electricity there is supplied by generators on the island. During the camp, I made some observations about the events that occurred relating to the electrical supply on the island, and I suspected that it might have been due to an unstable electrical supply.

The first was the simultaneous flickering of all the lights in multiple buildings and street lamps for just a mere fraction of a second regularly through the night. The second was the frequent power trips whenever someone switched something (like the lights) on or off. The third was when some of my friend’s hand phone batteries got damaged after they left it to recharge. These occurrences led me to believe that there was a high amount of electrical noise in the electricity supply.

The electrical noise filter helps to regulate the electricity coming in so that any voltage spikes, surges or electrical noise does not damage any device or appliance connected to its output. This would be especially beneficial to sensitive devices like hand phones or computers that need a stable power supply.  I sourced for thicker wires so that it would be capable of handling higher currents.

The filter I am using is probably an industrial grade type I pulled out from a discarded air conditioning tower. It has enough channels for 2 separate electrical lines. I used a recycled acrylic case that I found to create the housing. This filter uses 2 inductors with 4 coils each, and 8 capacitors. Each electrical line (2 Live, 2 Neutral) would have to pass through 2 inductor coils and alongside 2 capacitors. The inductors help to suppress any voltage spikes or sags from passing to the connected devices, while the capacitors help to fill in the gaps caused by voltage spikes or sags to stabilize them.

Right now I am using it with my home server computer, as it can draw a significant amount of power and requires a stable electrical supply. I intend to use it in the future for places where the electrical supply may be noisy.

Thank you again for taking the time and effort to read through all this. I hope this gave you a better understanding of the concept, effect and solutions pertaining to reducing electrical noise.


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