About Benedict

Welcome to my blog, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Benedict Lee, a student currently studying computer engineering at Singapore Polytechnic. I have chosen to specialize in the areas of computer networking and security, as I believe that these two aspects will be the cornerstones for the future of technology’s benefit to humanity. Aside from computers, I also have the interest of experimenting with computers, software, electricity and electronics.

I am a hands-on person, and often conduct my own experiments with what I have learnt and what I find online, to determine their suitability for different scenarios. I like to go further than simply learning what is in the school syllabus. Many of the projects I work on are using parts that I recovered from the trash, which I later repair whenever possible.

Through my educational journey, my eyes were opened to the possibilities that computing and technology had to offer, at a time when I was curious and searching for the explanations to many concepts. I often go online to search for whatever I may not know or understand, being careful to distinguish true from untrue.

I came from a somewhat troubled family with financial difficulties, but I have not let that stop me from pursuing my interests, ideas and dreams. I  too have had my fair share of difficulties in my life, from caring for my elderly grandparents, to the very warm weather Singapore faces at times.

With these experiences, I began to think of more efficient ways of tackling the problems I faced, using the knowledge that I have picked up from my youth, both in and out of school.

Through this blog, I hope to accomplish two main things.

1.To to give you some general help and suggestions on how to use technology productively, and resolve common issues you may face using your PC or smartphone.

2. To provide some form of ideas, education and inspiration to you, through the work and projects that I do, that you too may benefit and learn, and perhaps come up with your own ideas and improvements to tackle the everyday problems we face.

Your feedback on any topics or issues discussed would be greatly appreciated. I sincerely apologize in the event that I do not respond to you quickly, as I have my own commitments.

Last but not least, I can be contacted through:

My Primary email: benedictlee21@gmail.com,  or
My Facebook email: benedict.lee.9250@facebook.com

Feel free to drop me a message if you want to discuss about any issue or feedback pertaining to my posts.

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog. I hope it will be of help and inspiration to you.


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